Does choosing an attorney for your business seem like a daunting task? This can especially feel true when a Google search yields seemingly endless results. In order to help focus your search and ultimately choose the best business law attorney for you, consider these four questions.


  1. Why do you need an attorney? Is there a pending or impending litigation on the horizon? Do you need a lawyer to help you get your business started or provide some other discrete legal service? Do you need a full time in-house counsel to handle a variety of legal issues relevant to your business? The specific issue for which you are hiring a business law attorney can help you narrow your search.

  2. What type of experience do you want the attorney to have? You may want a lawyer who specializes in your particular business’s niche, or you may need a lawyer who is more of a generalist and can handle a variety of legal matters for your business.  Finding a lawyer with the proper background can be important to making sure your business is protected.

  3. Where does the attorney practice? An attorney who practices in your particular city or state may be necessary if you expect the attorney to go to court frequently or if you want them to be available for in-person meetings and conferences. If you need a local attorney, your search can be narrowed greatly so that you find the most qualified person in your area.

  4. Do you like the attorney and his or her approach?  A final question to ask yourself when choosing a business law attorney may be whether you actually like the attorney and his or her approach to the legal issues facing your business. Although you can always change attorneys later if things do not work out, it may be a waste of time and resources to educate an attorney on your business only to learn that you dislike his or her  personality or approach.


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