Helping clients accumulate and protect wealth, in courtrooms and boardrooms, in the areas of real estate, divorce, business, estate planning, and probate. 


Our real estate attorneys have experience with a broad range of real estate transactions. This includes the purchase and financing of all types of residential and commercial real estate; commercial leases; construction and management of condominiums and multifamily housing developments; construction and management of offices, shopping centers, and warehouses; and the development of single-family home subdivisions. We have assisted clients with bulk sales and the acquisition of large real estate portfolios throughout the southeast. We also have experience in traditional and complex financing arrangements.


Boyd & Durant provides closing and title insurance services through our affiliated entity, Tallahassee Title Group.


Our practice is not limited to transactional matters. Our full range of services extends to the courthouse, including foreclosures, loan workouts, title disputes, commercial evictions, and disputes between owners and homeowners or condominium associations.


Boyd & Durant attorneys are experts with a depth of real-world experience in the full scope of real estate activity. Our competence and experience have attracted clients who are buyers, sellers, lenders, developers, landlords, and tenants. Clients have peace of mind from knowing we can handle any issue related to real estate. Our business-minded attorneys have the skill and experience to counsel and advise clients on the best ways to avoid costly and prolonged litigation because a lawsuit should be a remedy of last resort after all other avenues of resolution have been exhausted.


Boyd & Durant provides skilled counsel to parties in family law matters, including dissolution of marriage, parenting disputes, enforcement and modification of alimony and support obligations, and prenuptial agreements.


Many family law attorneys have little or no experience with complex financial and business issues. Since we maintain active practices in real estate and business law, we are aware of the trends in business, finance, and wealth management. This makes us uniquely qualified to handle divorces involving large real estate holdings or high net worths. We have represented parties with multi-million dollar marital estates throughout north Florida, including Tallahassee, Panama City, Destin, and Pensacola. These types of cases often include allegations of concealed income and hidden assets. Our attorneys use litigation strategies such as depositions and requests for documents to ensure all relevant facts are discovered. When necessary, we engage forensic accountants to determine the true income, assets, and expenses of the parties. This assists both in determining the equitable distribution of marital assets and in weighing the merits of any alimony claim.


Family disputes can be both emotionally and financially draining. We communicate regularly with clients about the cost and risk of litigation, helping our clients make informed decisions about their case.


Boyd & Durant assists entrepreneurs in forming, buying, and selling businesses. There are many types of business entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and limited partnerships. We help our clients weigh the benefits unique to each to determine which form should be used for a given transaction. When a venture is formed by more than one owner, we help them in negotiating the terms of their business arrangement. This is embodied in an operating agreement, shareholders agreement, or partnership agreement, and typically includes provisions regarding capital investment, distribution of revenues and profits, and management of the business. We assist clients in reaching their business deal and then in preparing the documents memorializing it.


We also have experience preparing clients for the sale of their business, including confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements leading up to a possible sale. When representing a buyer, our lawyers assist in due diligence investigations, financing, and provide closing services.


​We provide business law services in the boardroom and the courtroom. It is an unfortunate reality that many business ventures result in disputes with third parties or among the owners. We have experience in disputes over covenants not to compete, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, misrepresentation, and breach of contract. When owners become deadlocked regarding the management of the business, or believe a co-owner has acted inappropriately, we assist in resolving the dispute—in court, if necessary.


Our attorneys have years of experience mediating and arbitrating family law, real estate, and other civil disputes. The rules governing litigation in Florida generally require the parties to attend mediation before trial. A Boyd and Durant attorney mediator acts as a third-party, who facilitates a settlement discussion between the parties. A mediator has no power to rule on the case or order the parties to do something a judge or jury would order. Our varied practice areas helps our attorneys bring fresh ideas to settlement discussions at mediation.


Our lawyers also have experience arbitrating these disputes. Parties often elect to submit a dispute to an arbitrator believing it is cheaper and quicker than traditional litigation. When Boyd & Durant attorneys arbitrate, they act as the judge and jury in a case and enter a final ruling on a dispute. Our attorneys are available to arbitrate any civil or family disputes.


Boyd & Durant defends clients against administrative complaints made by professional licensing boards. For many of our clients, an occupational license is the ticket to their livelihood. The stakes could not be higher when a licensing board, such as the Florida Real Estate Commission, brings an administrative complaint seeking fines or revocation of the license. We assist clients in presenting all defenses available and, where appropriate, reaching an agreement to mitigate the penalty. Our attorneys have experience as administrative licensing prosecutors and have even served on regulatory licensing boards. This valuable experience makes our firm well qualified to advise professionals regarding compliance with Florida law and in disciplinary matters before the Florida Real Estate Commission and other professional licensing boards.


Boyd & Durant provides estate planning services, including wills, trusts, living wills, and powers of attorney. We also provide probate services. This includes representing the personal representative in administering the probate of the deceased’s estate. We also have experience representing parties in will contests and other disputes involving trusts, wills, and probate.


In the civil justice system, a trial court's ruling is not necessarily the end of the litigation experience. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle appeals of family law and real estate litigation in all Florida courts. If the circuit court rules in your favor, the opposing party may appeal. Conversely, if the court does not grant the relief you seek, our attorneys can review the judgment and provide valuable counsel on the likelihood of success on appeal. We help you arrive at decisions that can be monumental in terms of personal, family, or business success over the long term.


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