Helping clients accumulate and protect wealth

Many family law attorneys have little or no experience with complex financial and business issues. Since we maintain active practices in real estate and business law, we are aware of the trends in business, finance, and wealth management. This makes us uniquely qualified to handle divorces involving large real estate holdings or high net worths. We have represented parties with multi-million dollar marital estates throughout north Florida, including Tallahassee, Panama City, Destin, and Pensacola. These types of cases often include allegations of concealed income and hidden assets.
Our attorneys use litigation strategies such as depositions and requests for documents to ensure all relevant facts are discovered. When necessary, we engage forensic accountants to determine the true income, assets, and expenses of the parties. This assists both in determining the equitable distribution of marital assets and in weighing the merits of any alimony claim.

Family disputes can be both emotionally and financially draining. We communicate regularly with clients about the cost and risk of litigation, helping our clients make informed decisions about their case.

Boyd & Durant provides skilled counsel to parties in family law matters, including dissolution of marriage, marital planning, cohabitation agreement, parenting disputes, enforcement and modification of alimony and support obligations, and prenuptial agreements.