Have you heard that J.D. Durant of Boyd & Durant, P.L. is monitoring a major class action suit filed in Tallahassee against the Florida Board of Governors Foundation? Circuit Judge Ron Flury is assigned to the case and has decades of judicial experience. 

The issue in the case is recovery by the plaintiff, a graduate student at the University of Florida, and others similarly situated, of fees paid for on-campus benefits that were denied when the campuses were shut down because of COVID-19. The plaintiff alleges breach of contract and unjust enrichment by the university following the enforcement of mandatory online classes to wrap up spring semester.

This plaintiff is joined by others as the suit is looking to compel 12 public universities in Florida to return the fees that were paid for everything from activities, to athletics and transportation. The suit does not go so far as to seek a return of tuition and room and board costs. This is unlike several other similar in nature lawsuits that have arisen across the country.

The University of Florida Board of Trustees asserts that, not only do sovereign immunity issues come into play, but that the plaintiff lacks an “express written contract” stating that his tuition and fees were to go towards both in-person instruction as well as on-campus activities. It will be an interesting case with an impact on most college students in Florida. 

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